Mon., Jan. 13 | Mountain Om Yoga And Wellness Studio

Therapeutic Movement & Restorative Yoga: Asymmetry in Motion

A neat things happens when we start addressing these differences of movements, we start to move better and feel better.
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Therapeutic Movement & Restorative Yoga: Asymmetry in Motion

Time & Location

Jan. 13, 2020, 5:30 p.m. – Mar. 09, 2020, 6:45 p.m.
Mountain Om Yoga And Wellness Studio, 503 7th Ave, Invermere, BC V0A 1A0, Canada

Why is this class unique?

Here's a youtube video of me talking about this next session (sorry Wix won't let me add a video to the events pages):

Assymetry in Motion

Have you ever noticed that one arm will move better or further than the other, or that you can lift more with one hand than the other? One side of your back hurts more than the other, or perhaps, one leg is stronger or more trustworthy than the other or you tend to lead with one foot? All of these point to asymmetries or 'inbalances' in our body and movements. 

 You've probably heard something along the line of "What you do to one side, you have to do to the other, in order to stay balanced." BUT that only works if you are already completely symmeterical...and I haven't anyone who was completely symmetrical. 

Instead of doing the same on both sides, in this class, we will explore and use our asymmetries to bring us to closer to balance.   A neat things happens when we start addressing these differences in movements, we start to move better and feel better.

When we consider our bodies not as individual peices and parts but rather more of a dynamic web of tension and resting, action and releasing (the term is biotensegrity, for those that want to geek out), these 'inbalances' offer us some insight into our movement patterns, and can reveal pathways of tension, pain and compensation.  The interesting part is what happens when we increase our awareness of these patterns and begin to dissolve them so that symmetry starts to emerge again.

In this class we will discover some assymetries in your movements and play with an EASY way to start to bring balance, ease and better movement into your body and day.  The Restorative postures afford a way to bring balance and space through stillness and breath.


Monday nights 5:30 -6:45 pm

Jan 13 - Mar 9, no class on Family Day.

8 weeks - $128, includes tax

Classes are small, pre-registration required.

You are considered registered when you have paid. Registration is due by Jan 10th - there must be 6 people registered for the class to run.

Classes are limited to 10 participants so that you can get hands on help if you need.

Please check out the cancellation policy before registering.  * if there's a class you can't make it to, you can send a friend in your place (just let me know)

For more information, or to register please email: littlemaetree@yahoo  (dot)  ca

BONUS: When you are registered in my classes you get an amazing deal on privates.  Normally I offer individual privates at $80, but you get them half price during the session. Why? Because sometimes patterns start to emerge but need more attention and focus than a class can provide, and I like to support you in your exploration.

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