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Functional, Form, Flow & Fun Fall 2023

A fun way to explore how to move well in the physical postures and then make them flow together...

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  • From 150 Canadian dollars
  • Moving Well Studio

Service Description

Function = we take one movement and understand what that feels like in our bodies, what our range of motion is, compensations...etc. Next we take that movement and bring it into a few physical postures of Yoga - that's the Form. Then we take that movement in our asana and link them together to create a function based flow. Of course, I think all that would be very fun...there might be the occasional thoughts of the other f word...but I think mostly the first four. My classes are smaller on purpose! I have always preferred being able to get to know my students and teach my classes based on what students need. This is means you get lots of 1-1, and more support for your practice. This is a registered class. You are considered registered when you have paid (or arranged payment). Emailing me is preferred, cash & cheques are fine too. I know we all have different budgets to work with and life realities, so if one of the below does not work for you please reach out to me and we can find something that does (sincerely, I have been there too where I couldn't afford something I truly wanted to do). $150 -$165 -$180 Things to know: The class may be 1 hr but it is usually 2 to 2.5 hours of my time, these small private-like classes are usually $25/class in other places; it's totally okay to choose the lowest amount if you need too, AND if that's still too much for you please reach out to me. Other things: If you have to miss a class you could get a friend to fill in (just let me know). If you are sick (for reals) and can't attend a class or 2, this can be put towards a credit to the next session or a private. I hope to encourage you to not feel like you have to attend a class if you have the cold or flu but also not feel like you are losing out. And as usual when you are registered for a class/session with you me you get privates for $45 instead of $85 Masks: Some of you will be wearing masks whilst walking around but not on the mat, some may choose to wear one only whilst experiencing sniffles, and some may not wear one at all. There will be a mix of masks and not masks in the class. I ask that you take care to chose a mask if you feel like you need one. I will wear a mask when I feel it's necessary for me. 10 classes NO CLASS OCTOBER 9th

Cancellation Policy

Hello, While I would absolutely love to have you come to these sessions, I find there is a value in slowing down the purchase. I know this is an unusual thing in our society where all marketing is aimed at getting the sale as quickly as possible. My preferences, however, are aimed towards creating relationship and harmony, and making sure this is a good fit. So, please take your time when you make this decision. Before you purchase open up your calendar and have a look and see what's going on on these dates. Take a few breaths, play it all the way through. Is this a fit for you? Or maybe privates work better for you schedule, at this time in your life. Or maybe this is a perfect fit and you are just as excited as I am. In which case I look forward to seeing you in class. Things to know: I do not offer refunds. My classes are small, on purpose, and your presence is planned for, anticipated, and embraced. I'm excited for you to be here. If you are legitimately sick, or have an emergency please reach out to me and we can book a private, in lieu. Thank you. I hope this way of booking makes you feel seen, cared for, and offers you space to feel what is right for you.

Contact Details

  • 325 Blair Street, Invermere, BC, Canada

    + 250-3421198

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