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BLACK & WHITE PRINT VERSION of pages 46 & 47. PRO: Cheaper to print CON: "ART" has no colour (cover is coloured)

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Coil Bound

EcoYogaTherapy: Yoga With Nature,

A guide to exploring your inner world through nature

US $25.99 - $31.99*

EcoYogaTherapy: Yoga With Nature. A guide to exploring your inner world through nature is the first book in a (forthcoming) series of books and online courses on the topic of EcoYogaTherapy.


In EcoYogaTherapy we have the conversations that start healing the mental and emotional disconnect that we as individuals and as a society have. We remember that connection with Nature by combining Yoga practice and EcoPsychology techniques.

Over the years of training, studying and working in Applied Eco-Psychology I began to see repeats of how Yoga practitioners were struggling to reconcile their practices with Nature.   Many practitioners knew that Nature was valuable to their well being but didn't know how to incorporate it in an integral and healthy way as they bumped up against some of the stories within yoga and our western culture.  

EcoYogaTherapy is a bridge between these two amazing ways of being; from working with permission within one's teachings, classes or personal practice to exploring a richer world that embraces more than 50 senses instead of withdrawing.  This is the weaving together of Applied Eco-Psychology and Yoga; two fields that have a lot of the same flowers.

More, now than ever, in our world we have to be able to be in our bodies, connected with Nature and our nature, if we are going to heal the disconnect.  This book is a gentle guide...but like anything you must actually do the work presented for it's value to be understood. Simply reading it is not enough.  

If you would really like to get the most out of this understanding and book join one of the online courses.  You can arrange a group of your trusted friends or add your name to a list and get notification when there's a group ready to go. More information:

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Reality check on the cost of a printed book

I like transparency. I think it's important to know the reasons for decisions that are made.  It may be less convient to buy from my website than from Amazon, but to me, the pros outweigh a little inconvience. 

Here are the reasons that I chose to print my book locally;


* I get to support a local family that is awesome and not some giant organization that pays & treats it's employees (what I consider to be) unjustly,

* the book is printed on recycled paper with a cover that has no plastic and a coil that can be recycled, 

* printing locally pays me a little bit less and is more work for me but offers so much more to others and our environment (see below for details).

For those of you that want a discount,  here's what you need to know (based on the colour print price of $31.99):


To print the book locally it costs $26.32 (with tax), minus paypal fees of $1.29 - $1.75 (depending on what country it's purchased from), leaving me with anywhere from $4.38 - $3.92 per book.  I know, it's a get rich scheme! And of course, shipping is its own thang. * If you are local and would like to pick up in Invermere, OR if you are Canadian and are okay with doing an etransfer instead of PayPal, send me an email and we'll arrange payment.  Black & White print versions are $25.99, Coloured Art print versions are $31.99

To print the book on Amazon it gets a little more interesting.
Although the book only costs $13.24 to print (no recycled paper, coil bound, or plastic free cover), Amazon takes a fee of $12.80 (yes, that's on top of printing), leaving $5.95. In this case Amazon will 'make' $26.04. It's really only a difference of $0.28 to support locally. 

S0 there's the math in all it's glory!