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For those of us who are heartbroken about what's happening to Nature. EcoYogaTherapy uses Yoga and Nature to heal the pain and disconnect to create a deeper sense of peace, place and connection.

We do this through contemplation, awareness, yogic  techniques and applied eco-psychology activities..and by having the conversations that begin the healing of our perusal & societal, mental & emotional disconnect to Nature, Earth AND ourselves.

EcoYogaTherapy arose out of years of helping yoga students understand Nature's language, working through the distrustful stories about our senses being something to 'turn off' and how forcing our bodies is somehow 'spiritual'.

EcoYogaTherapy is a calling back, a remembering of what it's like to listen to the subtler in-the-moment communication that Nature and our inner nature are expressing. 

It's a honouring of our innate connection to Earth, ourselves as part of Nature, and our own internal spaces.

Or buy the textbook:

Yoga With Nature,
A guide to exploring your inner world through nature.

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