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This is a page dedicated to what arises in my daily practice, contemplations, and meditations. Some are offerings on the asana, some are on other aspects of the practice, but they all come from deep within me.


These are the things that I see that don’t feel quite right in Yoga of today, questions I have pondered for years, learnings that are digested -fully or partially, something that’s arisen that needs to be seen. Whatever is on here, though, I reserve the right to move from what I present here into a deeper understanding because for me learning is a spiral – I keep going back to what I ‘knew’ before to see a deeper layer, another way to absorb and live it.


So take what I offer as a musing – a thinking out loud of sorts. An understanding that is in transition because that’s all there ever is, change. I reserve the right to forever grow and change, and to not be identified by what I’ve written. So enjoy, ponder, chew, feel, digest, let go and see what arises within as you read these words.

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