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Cancellation & Refund policy

This is how I pay my rent, bills and am able to live. I organize my life around the sessions we plan…so I request that before you book or register for a class, that you stop for a moment and make sure that it truly does fit with your schedule.


This check-in moment can save a lot of time in the long run for both of us.



The majority of the time I am unable to refund money for a class session – you are welcome to find a replacement for your spot. I do request that you let me know. Occasionally I have a waitlist, if that’s the case, I will gladly make the necessary arrangements.

If you know you are going to miss a class you can get a friend to fill in, just let me know.

I'd also like to try something new this session and see how/if it works. If you are sick (for reals) and can't attend a class or 2, I'd like to put that as a credit to the next session or a private.   I hope to encourage you to not feel like you have to attend a class if you have the cold or flu but also not feel like you are losing out. 

As always whenever you sign up for a registered class with me you get an amazing discount on privates, and access to me via email or phone should you have any questions between sessions and/or privates.

Private & Personalized SINGLE CLASSES (Family event, bachelorette, etc):

Payment is due at time of booking and are 100% refundable up until 72 hours before the class. 

Private 1-1 (single, or part of a plan):

I am unable to offer refunds on packages or single privates but am happy to reschedule with enough time.

For non-emergencies:

If life throws you a curve ball or an unexpected opportunity arises, please give me 48 hours notice, otherwise it will be counted towards one of your sessions.


True Emergency or sickness:

Should a real emergency arise, or you get sick (for reals), I totally get it, and am happy to work with you to reschedule. Just let me know as soon as you can.

I also reserve the right to reschedule if I get sick or have an emergency. I will give you as much notice as I possibly can. 

As always if you are unsure of the protocol, please just reach out to me and we can come to an arrangement.


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