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Get back to doing what you love!


You're an active person, or at least you were. 


You love doing things: biking, walking, gardening, skiing, etc. 


But your pain keeps you from doing these things.


Being in pain is exhausting, isn’t it?!


It sucks up so much of your energy that it’s hard enough to get through the day, let alone do ‘extra’ things: walking, biking, hiking, gardening, running...or heck, let’s be real, - sometimes getting shoes on whilst standing can be draining. 


And if you do do the those ‘extra’ things you want to, you have to ‘power’ through. 

It ends up taking a ton of energy, and you suffer a lot afterwards.


Sometimes it can feel like everything causes pain.


Perhaps you’ve gotten to the point where you just don’t do the things you love anymore, it’s not worth it anymore.


You don’t have to give up on doing the things that make life fun!




 Hi, I’m Natt Forrest. Think of me as a Moving Well Consultant. I am here to help you learn the skills you need to understand why you are in pain and most importantly what to do about it. 


I help you on your road to finding relief.


I work with people who have chronic or extended physical pain find relief, create more ease in their day and get back to doing what they love (biking, walking, gardening, hiking, putting on shoes)


Book a free 15 minute Introductory call to find out more.


There are ways to decrease pain. 


Ways to bring in more relief and ease in movement throughout your day, so you can eventually get back to doing those ‘extra’ things that bring you joy (gardening, walking, running, hiking...putting on your shoes whilst standing…)


It’s likely that you’ve tried everything, or at least a bunch of things like: massage, chiropractor, osteopathy, energy work, stretching, physical therapy, yoga...and likely more…(or at least you’ve thought of going to someone).


And I love that you probably already have a team of people helping (ex: massage therapist, osteopath, chiropractor...)


And they help, or some of them do, at least for awhile…


But there’s a little voice inside your head saying: “Yes, but what can I do?  There’s got to be something I could actively be doing in between sessions so that I don't slip backwards and can go to my next appointment moving forward instead of doing the same thing over and over again.”


Maybe you have a suspicion that some of the exercise homework you’ve been given isn’t helping, or could actually be making it worse (more on this below). 


You want to be able to do as much as you can on your own - if only you knew what that was, exactly...


In short, you want to take more control of your pain management. 


(Actually, what you probably deeply want is for someone to wave a magic wand, or give you one exercise that will fix it, and make it all go away so you can get on with life. I totally get this, truly. But until I find that magic wand this work can get you through, and help you feel more hopeful, and energetic).


I want to be super clear here. What you get by working with me are the skills and ability to find relief; the proverbial “Learn to Fish” scenario.  


This isn’t me giving you the same homework that everyone gets, this is created specifically to you. 


We start with where you are (experiencing pain)


Then we figure out where you want to go (able to go for walk, biking, gardening, getting through work without pain, putting shoes on whilst standing...)


And  we work towards that in small attainable steps.





I make sure that what you’re doing actually helps you, and that you understand it so you feel confident about doing it.


I do it this way because it’s more powerful and the results more encompassing.


To me, it’s not reasonable to say that you will never again experience physical pain or tension but it is reasonable to have the tools to know what to do when/if you experience them again. I’d rather know how to fish than be given a fish.  


Book a free friendly 15 minute Introductory call



And because something even more amazing happens when you have the skills to navigate your pain...your relationship with yourself and pain changes. 


This is HUGELY relieving; when you know what to do about something it no longer is a mystery. 


You don’t spend your energy trying to figure it out anymore. 

You know where to go and how to get there. 


The pain is no longer all consuming, or as frustrating. If you do experience tension or pain they become insights; something you can learn from and manage easily BEFORE it becomes a big deal.


There are a few key things that most people overlook when searching for ‘the answers’ to their pain relief that make all the difference:


  1. Our paths for healing are each unique. 

This means that two people with the same area of pain need different tools and practices to heal. It’s kind of like a strand of lights that you’ve thrown in a box for a year and then need to be untangled; each strand will require you to pay attention to what’s going on and work through it differently. 



You must always test to make sure the actions you are doing are ACTUALLY helping you. You’ve probably been given homework before and it goes something like this: “oh this muscle isn’t working, here’s an exercise to get it to work” BUT they haven’t truly watched you do the movements and then tested to see if it was helping or hindering. Shockingly, I’ve had many clients whose homework actually adds to their pain.  

I often work in collaboration with amazing body workers and manual therapists, they are invaluable and I honour the great work they do. 


The missing ingredient that I see is in the homework area. 


This often isn't their area of expertise. While focusing on their very important work--the therapy you are seeing them for--body workers and manual therapists are aware that incorporating movement in between sessions is highly important. The difference is, they don't have the same amount of time or the specific training to provide you with tailored homework.


This is where I can help.


    3. Slowing Down actually gets you there faster.

I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s true. We need to slow down, be present, and see the yellow lights before we blast off a cliff into paintown.  Slowing down allows us to see the things we do that contribute to our pain, and then we can decide if we want to turn around or keep blasting off the cliff.  













We'll be a good fit if:

  • You already do movement at home - yoga, meditation, exercise, dance OR are super keen to get into a home practice. This is essential to success with this work.

  • You are willing to slow down, increase your awareness and explore how your movements, breath, and mindset affect your overall health and ease.

  • You are willing to be curious about your pain and learn (and implement) the skills to navigate what your body is telling you. My goal is for you to be able to eventually be able to tune into you and be able to help yourself.  


Ready to get going? 

Book a free 15 minute Introductory call. 

We probably won't jibe at this time if:

  • You have a "no pain, no gain" attitude, and are not willing to examine that. In my opinion pain is a sign to listen to, not blast through to ‘get ‘er done’.

  • You are unwilling to slow down and increase your awareness. 

  • You are so busy that you don't have time to do the practice. This isn’t like a massage or chiropractor where you passively receive treatment, it’s an active, engaged, roll up your sleeves type of session. If you are excited by that, then we’re a fit. 


Not sure if we’re a fit? 


Let's talk!  


Book a free 15 minute “Are we a fit call”



*If you know that your physical pain is caused by an autoimmune disorder, allergy, deep emotional wound, or broken bones, the work we do together can absolutely support you in those areas and the skills you learn with me will be useful BUT those are not my areas of expertise, and so I suggest working in collaboration with someone who is an expert in those areas. 

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Dalphine Success story & Testimonial 1

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