Want the easiest, quickest and most effective way to decrease your pain?

You're in the right place.

While classes are great for community, expanding your practice, a space to practice in peace, and many more things.  What they can never be is tailored 100% to you. It's just not possible for any teacher to be able to have a class that is 100% perfect for every person.  


When this is combined with the individual injuries of people in a class, and movement patterns that are just below the level of awareness of participants, and the fast pace that often comes with classes, it's easy to understand why classes are not always the best place to work through some of the habitual movement patterns that may be causing or even increasing your pain, tension, or discomfort.


That's where privates come in. This is where Moving Well excels, so you can too.

We work together to so you can increase your ability to move well, feel better and avoid these frustrating pitfalls of recovery:


changed my world...
I've learned that most things I thought I wouldn't be able to do, I can...I just need to know how to do them
"Working with Natalie has produced significant and (to me!) surprising results; her knowledge of anatomy and understanding of the interwoven working of the body has helped me to pinpoint areas of difficulty and compensation in my body and daily life. I can't tell you how many people commented how much taller I looked, even after only 2 sessions; which is nothing to how much better I feel. "

"helped me become a more balanced individual"

-Deanna Berrington, private client

"I was invited to see her for Therapeutic Yoga and am I ever glad! The practice not only gave me better mobility, but a much better understanding of how my body works and moves and ways to ease through every day movements as well as chronic pain from rheumatoid disease & degenerative disks. Who knew that a person has so many layers?


Natalie gently and thoroughly worked thru these layers and taught me how to understand them and “be with” these layers until the next layer evolved. I learned many subtle yet profound movements that have made a huge difference in my life.  


The combination of her knowledge, compassion and understanding made therapeutic yoga a great experience and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their life."

"...many subtle yet profound movements..."

- Gayle Dougall, private client

" helped me walk again..."

"I found Natalie shortly after beginning to walk again after 16 weeks with my foot up on pillows and getting about with a wheelchair. My foot surgery had finally healed but I was very weak and had terrible balance. Natalie helped me with various exercises and stretches and my body awareness, balance and strength improved.  I am grateful to Natalie for setting me down the right path!"


- Loreen Jacobs, private client

"Working with Natalie has enabled me to address a very old injury in an accurate manner. Consistently doing the exercises provided has given me more mobility and less discomfort."

"given me more mobility and less discomfort..."

-Barb Falkenberg, private client

"created a safe space to dial back and uncover the a-ha moments with laughter..."

"I am a breast cancer survivor since 2006. Numerous surgeries, procedures, medications, and treatment plans changed how I moved and responded to my daily routine, even at the most basic level. 
Understanding my altered body was a struggle.  Not having the awareness or words to describe my condition made it all the more frustrating.


Working with Natalie one-on-one created a safe space to dial back and uncover the a-ha moments with laughter. With her patient guidance, I could be vulnerable and learn how to sit and walk with ease. This practice has lowered my blood pressure significantly, and side effects from my medications are better managed.


Despite living in a small town, informed, knowledgeable and creative professionals like Natalie are providing excellent care comparable to the best in urban centres. I feel empowered under her guidance and blessed to be mentored by her. She is my ‘breathe whisperer.’ I give permission as author of this testimonial to allow a reader to contact me directly, if requested."

- Rhonda Allen, Private client

There are three ways we can get you started on moving well and feeling better:

Single Private Sessions

This is great for those:

*that have already gone through a program with me and just want a check in,

*are wanting to try out before beginning a program,

* have a specific posture and/or question that you want to get a deeper understanding of,

*or if you are in town for a short while.


This private one-on-one session will get you headed in the right direction creating more ease, awareness and insight into how your movement patterns are affecting you.

3 month program

6 sessions, personalized programs,

and support when you need.

This is absolute best value out there for a therapeutic movement & yoga program. Right now most Yoga therapy programs are between $90 - $120 per session.

When you commit to a 3 month program you are getting each session for an affordable $50.


Why would I do that?

Because I know what's it's like to have to get down in the trenches of an injury and crawl your way back out, I know what it's like to live in this small tourist based town and try to make ends meet. So, for now, because I can, I want to reward those that make a commitment.



Private Class

At your place of work, for a sports team, kids yoga, outdoor yoga...

Great for a group of friends that want to do a weekly or spontaneous class, a bachorlette party, girls night, date night (yes, I offer couples yoga as well).

I often teach on docks, lawns, beaches, or any other location.


I also have space for regular weekly group classes. If you are a sports team and want to book a regularly scheduled class, please contact me for more details.

55 min     $80

8 sessions   $400

1 hr   $120

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