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I believe that while our practices can reconnect mind and body – and this is valuable, I would argue it’s even radical in our current society – they can do so much more…reconnect us with Earth, with Nature, and in doing so, help us remember our inner-Nature.


Most Yoga is Anthropocentric – even Egocentric…which is ironic because what we really crave is union, connection, belonging…a sense of home – in ourselves, our bodies, within our families, our cultures, and within Earth.


I believe that our practices would do well to shift to an Ecocentric and Kin-centric way of being. (I think it's really interesting to note here that the word eco comes from the greek word home)

I believe we need to remember how to just be with ourselves, with each other, and with Nature without trying to make things into something else…we need to remember how to form and practice relationships.


I believe that we need to stop thinking of Earth only as our Mother, step out of being the proverbial spoiled child that demands and takes, and grow into a relationship where we become lovers of Earth and start to take care of her.


Back to a time when we saw ourselves in Nature, and Nature in ourselves.


To me, being peaceful and connected is a natural state. It’s like a bed at a party that’s covered in 7000 coats. The bed is there you just can’t see it…but once you start to put the coats away, the bed emerges. Our society likes to coat us with so many layers that our deepest parts, the aspects that know how to be peaceful, connected, and whole can’t be felt or seen…some of us simply have a vague feeling that there’s something under all that.


Nature has a voice, there are things to communicate – they just aren’t articulated in English, Spanish, French, Russian. Nature uses the same language that our bodies use. 


When we stop hearing Nature, we stop hearing our bodies. We can hear Nature through our bodies, and our bodies through Nature.


So our practice is about coming home to our body, our being, our Nature…home to Earth.


I believe many of us come to Yoga searching or longing for something. At first it may be connection with body, mind, emotion, self…a calming arises and then a bridge emerges and we begin to see others through this…and then life.


We can’t teach the experience of Yoga, but we can help others to understand and gain skill in the yogic tools (asana, pranayama); kind of like a map, it helps point the way but the journey must be made by the individual.


Every practice is unique, we each will weave together different approaches and use a variety of tools in unique ways that will help us to dissolve and quiet the patterns of thinking and fluctuations of the mind…helping us to build the space that union requires to be remembered in.

There is a lot of Yoga that is about domination and force: force the body into these postures instead of taking the time to commune, understand, explore, communicate, with our bodies.

Just because we aren’t practicing with other humans doesn’t mean we are practicing alone…in fact this non-human centric practice is very healing. 


To me our inner-Nature is the same “thing” as Nature.

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