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All classes are registered. You are considered registered when you have paid (or arranged payment).  Emailing me is preferred but if you would like to use your credit card I can send a paypal invoice.  

There are 3 price options, please choose the one that feels the best for you and your budget (check out the specific class session you would like to find the range).


If you are in/were in the last session then you get first option in the next session.  As such classes are usually full, occasionally someone can't make the next session and then I go to the waiting list. If you would like to be added to the waiting list please email and let me know what class you would like to be notified of if a spot opens up.

Other things:

If you know you ware going to miss a class you can get a friend to fill in, just let me know.

If you are sick (for reals) and can't attend a class or 2, I'd like to put that as a credit to the next session or a private.   I hope to encourage you to not feel like you have to attend a class if you have the cold or flu but also not feel like you are losing out. 

As always whenever you sign up for a registered class with me you get a discount on privates ($45 instead of $85/session), and access to me via email or phone should you have any questions between sessions and/or privates.

Some of you will be wearing masks whilst walking around but not on the mat, some may choose to wear one only whilst experiencing sniffles, and some may not wear one at all. There will be a mix of masks and not masks in the class.  I ask that you take care to choose a mask if you feel like you need one.  I will not wear a mask when I'm on my mat but will wear one when I'm in your space helping you adjust/set up if you would like (please just let me know).  

Hand sanitizer will be available. 

Our house has a Hepa filter in it, and I do my best to keep it at 55%+ humidity during the winter months.

If you are a sensitive kitten too (I definitely am) and have allergies (ex: latex, lavender) please reach out to me to discuss.

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