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Home practices that heal - giving you the skills to move better so you feel better

something amazing happens when you have the skills to navigate your pain - your relationship with pain changes - it's no longer exhausting, it becomes something you can learn from and manage. It becomes no big deal.

think of me as a movement consultant, I'm your movement cheerleader and coach.

I can't do the movements for you, but together we can find the patterns that need to dissolve to bring you to a better sense of ease and relief.

We'll be a good fit if:

you already do stuff at home - yoga, meditation, exercise, dance OR are super keen to get into a home practice,

you are willing to slow down and increase your awareness and explore how your movements REALLY affects your overall health and ease,

you are willing to spend time with yourself doing a practice that brings you greater awareness, ease, and peace on a regular basis,

you want to take control of your pain management - perhaps you have a team of people helping you already and you want something you can do to take control in between sessions so that you don't slip backwards and you can go to you next appointment moving forward instead of doing the same thing over and over again OR you want to be able to do as much as you can on your own - if only you knew what that was, exactly...,

We probably won't jive if:

*you have a "no pain, no gain" attitude,

*you are unwilling to slow down and increase your awareness - often times the pattern is just under our level of awareness and if we can become aware we can take the first step to dissolving the pattern,

*you are so busy that you don't have time to do the 

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