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Summer Movement "AHAs"

Practice and all is coming...

It’s always so neat to see when someone really gets it. You know, the kind of getting it where the light bulb goes on and the idea/knowledge rattling around in the head is married with experience and blossoms into wisdom.

I had one of those moments with a client this week and was so ooooo excited that I had to share with you. For those of you that work with me, I just wanted to let you know that when I say “one day you will just get it”, I’m not lying.

It was the realization that there is no ONE way to practice cat/cow. It was one of those moments, when I was saying what I always say “It’s not about the shape of the posture, it’s not an exercise; it’s the movements and how we get there “ but this time as I was speaking he said it with me but with a slower cadence to his normal speech. Each word punctuated a little bit more and then, I literally say the light go on in his eyes. He got it – viscerally. Not the mental idea of it but GOT it in his body, the idea had become knowledge.

Asana (yoga postures) are the intersection of reality and potential. An exploration of expanding understanding not a shape or destination. How we move into, out of, through life is the real Yoga practice.

Reality is what movements the body can do without borrowing from another place. The potential is what happens once the reality is actually seen and acknowledge then shifting and changing can occur.

We can choose any yogic posture to increase our awareness of our body and being. Our personal patterns will show up, some obvious, some insidious some hidden underneath another pattern. Some of the patterns are physical, some are emotional or energetic ways of being (like always forcing past the pain instead of exploring just before it).

When we stop seeing the asana as something static, the postures no longer become a shape (destination) but a relationship of movements (journey) in which we are actively having a conversation with.

It really was a great Aha moment, but it took practice, discipline and a willingness to see what was really there.

Moving well means coming from a place of depth and stillness while being aware of reality.  Moving Well…it matters.

Practice and all is coming…

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