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Private Sessions

One - on -One, or private classes

Private sessions are great for people who want to work on injuries, chronic pain & stiffness, or want to better understand their own body.

Private sessions generally yield faster results than classes.

Classes & Workshops

Classes, workshops, special offerings

My classes aren’t just about stretching; they’re a way to gain insight, stability, strength, ease, breath, and balance in your body (in a tangible way, that is specific to you and your movement patterns).

Many classes put the pose ahead of the function of your body, I do the opposite. Learn how therapeutic movement coupled with yogic techniques can enhance your ability to move well.


01/19 - 01/23

EcoYogaTherapy is my baby; it's a weaving together of two of my loves: Applied EcoPsychology and Yoga.

EcoYogaTherapy is the (re)uniting of our inner nature with Nature. I believe that Yoga was originally practiced in relationship with Nature and that it's time to re-wild our practices.

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Deanna Berrington,

private client

"Working with Natalie has produced significant and (to me!) surprising results; her knowledge of anatomy and understanding of the interwoven working of the body has helped me to pinpoint areas of difficulty and compensation in my body and daily life, and her patient use of movement has helped me become a more balanced individual, both mentally and physically, literally and figuratively. I can't tell you how many people commented how much taller I looked, even after only 2 sessions; which is nothing to how much better I feel. "

Class participants

“This is great – it’s like physio yoga. There’s lots of time to work on the movements.” J.King

"“My neck didn’t hurt for a week and a half after those shoulder exercises – it was really great!” -Ang.

"“I think it’s from the work we’re doing in class, but last time I played I found new parts of my edges! All of a sudden my crossovers started making a lot more sense. ” &  "My hip doesn't hurt anymore when I play hockey."  Hockey players

Loreen Jacobs,

private client

"I found Natalie shortly after beginning to walk again after 16 weeks with my foot up on pillows and getting about with a wheelchair. My foot surgery had finally healed but I was very weak and had terrible balance. Natalie helped me with various exercises and stretches and my body awareness, balance and strength improved. I wish I had been able to have more sessions with Natalie, but my husband and I left for Arizona in late October. The one thing I have kept doing is being aware of opening my rib cage when I breathe while settling down to sleep. Here in AZ I have joined a "Core strength and balance" class for seniors and I am comfortable walking about without a cane. I am grateful to Natalie for setting me down the right path!"