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Yoga was meant to be practiced WITH Nature

I’m not talking about striking a tree pose with Nature as a backdrop 

but rather practicing WITH Nature, not just IN Nature

the word IN speaks to a place that one can go into and out of

the word WITH speaks to an interaction:

a real, deep, connected, relationship with Nature…

and this relationship IS the missing piece to a Yoga practice rich with senses of belonging, union, oneness.

AND we intuitively know this already…

you can already hear the ancient tugs bringing us back to Earth in our practices…


the whispers of knowingness that Nature is somehow connected if you find yourself saying

Yes to any of these:

  • find yourself unrolling your mat on your deck or near a window or a plant

  • feel a deep sense of peace when you're with Nature

  • ever secretly wanted to be one with a Tree (or mountain or any part of Nature) 

  • crave Nature time in your day and find it just as fulfilling (even if it is in a slightly different way) than your Yoga practice

  • wonder if your love of being near Nature during your practice is a distraction (hint: it’s not, it’s actually a deep tug from within)

  • plan to go or want to go a yoga retreat near Nature and you are just as excited about the Nature piece as you are about the Yoga piece

  • talked to Nature in any form (said “Good Morning” to Sun, or ask a deer what they are doing)

  • find being with Nature to be a meditative experience, whether it's morning bird song, a sunset, or listening to the breeze rustle in the trees

  • thought about how great it would be to get some quiet time in a cabin somewhere remote so you can do your practice and just be with Nature

  • feeling blessed when you have interactions with Nature (ex: when a bird comes close to you, or you lock eyes with a fox)

Although we are intuitively drawn to Nature…the problem is that we aren’t sure how to bring more Nature

into the practices of Yoga. We can hear the whispers but aren't sure what they mean or what to do with them.

Nature has been left out of the conversation for so long that many of us wonder if it’s “allowed” to be part of a Yoga practice; let alone think that Nature is a key to having more easeful and regular direct experiences of Oneness/Union.


Hello I’m Natt Forrest - I know great last name for someone who loves Nature.

Yoga is meant to (re)unite us with our Inner Nature, and we need Nature to do that. I facilitate direct experiences of Yoga using Nature as a teacher so that we feel more at home in ourselves and Earth. 


I help create the internal space & invitation of direct experiences of Yoga using Nature as a Teacher so that we feel more at home in ourselves and Earth.

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EcoYogaTherapy is a series of online (self-paced and/or group) courses that helps Yoga practitioners have an “in the bones” deep-in-the-body experience of Oneness and belonging.
The online courses are currently undergoing some updating; my book is still available and a new FREE mini self-paced course is currently available to get you started.  

Once a year I offer in-person workshops through Wings Over the Rockies.

Image by Milan Popovic

This is a gift…

Over my years of teaching Yoga practitioners how to use their yogic skills to communicate with Nature (allowing them to actually EXPERIENCE union with Nature deep in their bones and bodies) I’ve noticed one key piece that’s foundational to understanding where Nature fits into our practices. 


This free, mini, self-paced, online course explains this very first step of re-naturalizing your practice and self, and offers some introductory Nature-connect activities and contemplations.

As one of the students who has done this work said:


"I'm getting deeper into what it is to be moved by connectedness, to be able to abide in that space before and after thought until what is called forth is not fabricated by a mental effort but by something much deeper, larger, more full..."

-Chris Alford, Australia


Those that love this work often:
  • feel deeply impacted by what we humans are doing to Nature, and may experience eco-grief 
  • love Yoga 
  • love Nature 
  • love contemplating and feeling deeply so they may better understand
  • looking for understanding and compassion, not necessarily the one big Truth
  • want to directly experience connection, belonging and peace
  • long for a simpler society that holds Land and Nature as intrinsically valuable 
  • love dyading
  • are open to seeing and feeling things in a new way (and in fact, love that)
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